Ternary lithium batteries generally refer to ternary polymer lithium batteries. Ternary polymer lithium battery refers to a lithium battery whose positive electrode material uses nickel cobalt lithium manganate (Li(NiCoMn)O2) ternary positive electrode material. The precursor product of ternary composite positive electrode material is nickel salt, cobalt salt, manganese salt. As the raw material, the ratio of nickel, cobalt and manganese in it can be adjusted according to actual needs. The battery with ternary material as the positive electrode is safer than the lithium cobalt oxide battery, but the voltage is too low, so it is used in mobile phones (the cut-off voltage of mobile phones is generally around 3.4V). ) will have a clear feeling of insufficient capacity.

삼원 리튬 배터리의 수명

According to the current technical level of ternary lithium batteries, if used properly, they can be used in electric vehicles for at least 5 years. If used improperly, the 2-3 year lithium battery cycle life will be attenuated.

The so-called proper use or not, mainly depends on whether the principle of shallow charge and shallow discharge can be followed, and no excessive use is allowed.

The cycle life of the power lithium-ion battery can reach 2000 cycles, and the battery management system can limit the "overcharge and overdischarge". How long is the current lithium battery life? There are many factors that determine the service cycle life of power lithium-ion batteries, including the characteristics of the system itself, as well as the manufacturing process and operating conditions. High-quality battery system, coupled with scientific system management, can achieve a long service cycle life.