Last week, large lithium polymer battery product 3.7V 8Ah and 10Ah with PCM were delivered, big lipo batteries were always ordered in quantity of thousands because of their unique advantages of thin shape,light weight,high energy density, big discharge current, long work time, many customers liked to use them in power banks manufacturing for reason of big capacity, some customers liked to use them in applications of industrial applications such as lazer devices,testing devices,some other customers used them in portable medical equipment.

Lipo 배터리


Big capacity 3.7V 8Ah and 10Ah lipo battery.


If we want to discharge big current, it will be a simple job with these big capacity lipo batteries, they have 1C max continuous discharge rate and 2C peak rate.


If we want to make the electronics work for long hours after charging, they can also be good options, for example, with a 10Ah lipo battery, you can discharge 20 hours continuously after a charging.


BENZO Energy can offer custom OEM design and manufacturing for requests on different lipo batteries for various applications.